CAMPSITE Media House collaborates with lululemon

January 25, 2020 | By West Entertainment

Congratulations to our friends at CAMPSITE Media House on their collaboration with lululemon on “Partner in Sweat”! The new series is comprised of 4 episodes for IGTV, each focused on the point of view of an athlete who is a brand ambassador.
In episode 1, watch how global run ambassador, Jasmine Blocker, leans on her coach, LaTanya Sheffield to reach her full potential and stay motivated!

Find your partner in sweat and let them hold you accountable to your goals. To watch the other episodes in the series, visit the lululemon YouTube channel, or click “Read More” below.

Who’s the person that puts purpose behind everything you do? For global yoga ambassador, Manoj Dias, it’s his daughter, Taylah Dias. Watch how Manoj stays committed to meditation to cultivate kindness, compassion and inspires his daughter to do the same.
As an athlete in a sport with epic consequences (and possibilities), elite ambassador and Olympic gold-medal skier, Cassie Sharpe has learned the importance of dedication to recovery and training. Watch how Cassie’s coach, Trennon Paynter holds her accountable to being the best she can be.
For ambassador, Terra Castro, inspiration comes from her community and Ruth Olsen, AKA Coach Granny. Press play to get motivated to find your people who will help hold you accountable to your goals. After all, we’re better together.

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