West Entertainment enters into a creative partnership with CAMPSITE Media House

June 21, 2017 | By West Entertainment

Rick Warren, West Entertainment’s managing partner (aka, the Boss) and the former owner of Post Modern Group is pleased to announce a new creative partnership with CAMPSITE Media House. The CAMPSITE team consists of Executive Producer Marcus Vadas, Executive Producer Dave Paine and Director of Creative Services Logan Hendricks.

“At West, we understand the need for a highly creative team to help grow our base business in the inflight entertainment (IFE) and cruise line markets. We also wanted a team that has enjoyed great success in the ad agency and local creative markets. We believe we have found that team in CAMPSITE,” says Warren.

“With West Entertainment’s state-of-the-art digital media production facility and support team, we now have the confidence we need to satisfy our current clients expanding needs. I have worked with Rick and his team in the past and know that CAMPSITE Media House is the right creative fit for West Entertainment and their IFE and cruise line clients.We are excited to get started,” say Marcus Vadas, Executive Producer, of CAMPSITE Media House.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for both companies to shine in their respective areas of expertise. In just a short period, this partnership is already paying dividends in original content creation for the home entertainment market,” says Troy Burlage, VP of Sales.

About CAMPSITE Media House

Guided by the experience and talent of it’s three founders: Marcus Vadas, Logan Hendricks and Dave Paine, the CAMPSITE works with clients in a variety of ways in all media. Equally adept at creating original content and taking it through production and post-production. They embrace the idea from the client and bring it to life with world-class production values.

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