we are a team of industry experts and creatives who have come together to form a full service CSP (Content Service Provider), Lab and Creative Agency.


West’s Data and Analytics (DnA) team have developed a lifetime value model that can inform business strategies and enhance your airline’s guest experience.

We work in partnership with our clients to define the right strategies to create the perfect content mix and budget allocation.

We provide detailed and in-depth analysis, designed to give you insights into your current content set – and use our Al engine to enhance recommendations for the future.


We provide detailed and in-depth analysis, focused on your passenger’s overall IFE experience.

Insights into your current content set – and recommendations for the future.


West data initiatives enable us to work in partnership with our clients, setting up the right strategy, designing the right content mix, with real time budget management.


Introducing our industry leading Artificial Intelligence solution. We take our expertise beyond the cabin, utilizing millions of data sets to drive insights, recommendations and revenue.

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West Entertainment provides Video Production and Sound Recording services. - IRVINE, CA

Personalized service is at the heart of fly’s values. There are few boutique CSPs in the marketplace – and none that place the same value on relationships, honesty, integrity and delivery on promises of quality, value and on time delivery.

We innovate your IFE offering, delivering compelling content strategies that are differentiated from your competition.

We are focused on an exclusive group of airlines and partners, to ensure that we continue to deliver the highest level of service.

West Entertainment Creative Media Orange County Content Lab

We work with you to deliver engaging entertainment – which drives customer satisfaction, all at the right price. We ensure the best range and volume of content by analyzing your passenger data and inflight viewing habits.

Experienced account management team, fly, delivers:

  • IFE Content Strategy
  • Content acquisition and licensing
  • Project timeline management
  • Screening and Reviews
  • Metadata management
  • Quality control
  • Rack Testing
  • Paxus analysis
  • Media Sales/Advertising
  • Magazines/Digital Publications
  • Games
  • Destination Guides
  • All Publicity requirements – magazine, GUI, translations, website and social
  • Movie and TV Programming from all major Hollywood and Independent studios, International distributors and TV distributors worldwide

Our WE by West platform gives you a one-stop-shop experience.  You decide the level of control you want to implement: from content  selection, status and deliverables to invoicing.

By simplifying your content servicing process, available worldwide – 24/7, via mobile, portable and desktop, we return what is most valuable to you:

Time – Costs – Resources

For airlines interested in a free trial, please contact: hello@westent.com

West Entertainment Creative Media Orange County Content Lab

Our strategic partnerships are based on best-in-class business and services and are hand-picked based on our clients’ needs.

Our Partners in Australia:
Deepend Australia
We are strategic design consultants that are experts in digital experience and product development. We were put on this earth to help you squeeze every last shred of value out of your digital road-map by designing better platforms, processes and experiences that are loved by the people that use them.

West Entertainment Strategic Partners

West Entertainment Cruise Advertising

West Coast Entertainment

We offer cruise lines a highly-personalized service delivering entertainment, technology, broadcast media solutions and content services capabilities.

Our mission is to return value and service to our cruise clients. Our goal is to understand your needs to provide innovative programming and services, delivered on brand, and in style.

Innovation has transcended all areas of the guest experience at sea, and media and technology are no exception to this rule.

We research your passenger demographics, and personalize the entertainment offering. We work with you to build content solutions that drive guest satisfaction.

Services include movie and TV programming, live broadcast channels, brand partnerships, revenue generating content, digital content and much more. Contact us for details on how we can assist you.

WEST ENT west coast productions studio Irvine California
West Coast Entertainment

We curate content packages to entertain and inspire.

West Concert Series: Access to world renowned artists in concert for instate room, outdoor screens and other viewing experiences. Artist include Rolling Stones, Gwen Steffani, Mumford and Sons, One Direction.

Destination Packages: Our experienced and talented programming specialists design content strategies based on your demographics and ship location.

Crew TV Packages: Keep your crew happy with a 40-Hour virtual channel that provides enriching, cultural-themed content to entertain and enrich your crew.

WEST ENT west coast productions studio Irvine California


West Entertainment Create

West Entertainment has formed a creative partnership with CAMPSITE Media House. Guided by the experience and talent of Marcus Vadas, Logan Hendricks and Dave Paine, the Campsite team works with West Entertainment and its clients in a variety of ways in all media.

We excel at creating original content and taking it through production and post-production. Campsite embraces the ideas our clients have nurtured and bring them to life with world-class production values.

No matter how you choose to work with our West/Campsite team, they will deliver a stress free experience, filled with good vibes from beginning to end.

What We Do

Media Distribution Advertising Company California Productions Studio

WE Create offers two audio bays with nearly identical setups to insure compatibility and flexibility throughout audio editorial, ADR & VO recording, sound design, and mixing.

Audio 1 is our flagship 5.1 Edit and Mix Suite. Audio 2 is a comfortable Stereo Edit & Mix Suite, providing the perfect environment for projects not requiring a Surround mix.

With over 320TB of Network Attached Storage (and expanding!), projects can be instantly accessed in any production bay throughout our facility.

  • Audio Services
  • Dialog Editorial & Restoration
  • Voiceover & ADR Production
  • Creative Sound Design
  • Music Editing & Mixing
  • 5.1 Mixing for TV, Film, and Corporate

This full-service creative and technical content studio is dedicated to the creation of high quality productions for the entertainment industry. We specialize in the design and creation of original branded and lifestyle content, EPKs, interactive media, audio composition and DVD / Blu-ray high definition from concept to distribution. We have produced DVD, Blu-ray and other projects for:

Feature films: major studios, independent distributors and other markets

  • TV series collections
  • Sports and fitness
  • Special markets and educational-
  • Retail enhancement/mixed media marketing
  • Corporate applications including sales, marketing, training, etc.

West Entertainment in Irvine, California West Coast Advertising Major Brands


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What We Do

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